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You must have read about many inventions in science, there is a right path and rule in the success of every invention, which is called theory. Mantra in black magic is the principle that makes spiritual practice successful by giving it the right path. Just like in science or mathematics, it is known from theory that what is being studied, in the same way, in black magic, mantras are known for which work are chanting and for which instruments can be used in them. Can.

The Yantra is called that character, incorporates the effects of Tantra and Mantra into itself and removes the sufferings of beings. Actually, in Sadhana, the power of Tantra and mantra is awakened and then given to the person so that he can keep the device with him. Then the device acts like a safety circle around the person and complete the work for which the device has been erected. There are many types and shapes of instruments and you must have heard about some things like Shri Yantra, Mahamrityunjaya Yantra and Kali Yantra etc.

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